SUPERCHARGED PROCESS: A powerful merger of the most effective tools, tactics and disciplines. Over 50 years of combined experience in major donor development, planned giving, capital campaigns and technology gives us the edge that best serves your outcomes. Our turn-key approach “supercharges” your overall funding approach by adding significant short and long-term asset gifts.


Smart and user-friendly tools for donors when they say “NOW WHAT?”

  • My Legacy Planner

    Secure and so easy-to-use, My Legacy Planner lets your donors view how they will see a lasting impact with basic assets like their homes, life insurance and retirement accounts.

  • OnRamp

    Yes, you can track, manage and respond to activity on My Legacy Planner. Then you’ll see for yourself the full force of our robust gift planning portal. It is THE onramp for deeper donor relationships. It also features a robust library of useful resources designed to help you educate, serve and inform your donors. OnRamp also provides useful analytics to help you track and assess My Legacy Planner activity and donor demographics. Real-time information makes ALL the difference!


Trigger Motivation and ACTION

Unlocking the 91% demands clear and consistent resourcing throughout the year. Triggering awareness and a desire to do something different must happen before people move into taking action. You automatically receive a stream of useful content that will serve and educate you and your supporters about the principles and benefits of giving assets. You can also access all of our content through OnRamp whenever you need it and in a variety of formats. Here are some examples.

  • Downloadable Content – OnRamp features a library of downloadable resources that inform and educate donors on a variety of topics related to asset-based giving, tax strategy, leaving a legacy and more. [view sample]
  • Videos – Nothing is as effective as video when it comes to capturing your donors’ attention. Share applicable case studies and stories with individuals in advance of a meeting or as an added personal touch in follow-up communication. [view sample]
  • Webinars – The vast majority of people…even those of high-net-worth…are not familiar with the principles and benefits of asset-based giving. We want to help you become a new resource for them. Our Creative Stewardship Webinar series does just that in a setting that is comfortable and convenient for everyone. [view sample]


It’s all about helping your team develop and deliver high-impact


    Implementing a new strategy is easy. All that is needed is a budget and a point person to drive it.


    Our approach to generosity, while incredibly powerful, is often misunderstood. We see organizations focus only on legacy gifts, completely missing out on the opportunity to secure short-term funding for their mission. How you look for, communicate and trigger donor action is very different for a cash-based strategy. The RIGHT approach is absolutely vital…and achievable!

    Our highly personalized coaching guides you every step of the way. Our experienced team will move from ideas and strategies to execution. You can count on it!

    • We assist with the development and management of a culturally appropriate communication plan designed just for you.
    • We help you implement the tools and strategies.
    • We monitor results and help you develop strategic responses to donor interests.
    • We collaborate with you to serve donors with more complex needs.

    Results over time will match the defined goals and expectations you had when you chose to work with us.

Case Work

Your donors will MAXIMIZE their charitable impact!


    People who have been blessed with abundant resources also have advisors who know how to mobilize their resources for the sake of good causes.


    Most professional advisors operate in a resource-preservation mode. They do not typically consider ways to help their clients make a bigger difference in the world. The Result: people with wealth miss out on experiencing the fullness of blessings in their lifetime. And they pay far too much in taxes that don’t have to be paid.

    The Giving Crowd is a safe and no risk place for individuals and families supporting your mission to discuss a variety of benevolent planning models. We focus on maximizing current charitable impact. We work side-by-side with your donors and their trusted advisors to liquidate businesses, real estate, and other appreciated assets in the most generous, innovative, and tax efficient ways possible.


Donors will go deeper in STEWARDSHIP and GENEROSITY

It is essential that you integrate asset-based generosity into your overall stewardship strategy. When Christ-followers understand and embrace the fact that God owns it all, they open their hearts and hands. To that end, we provide engaging, Christ-centered curriculum that supports you discipling and growing congregants as stewards. That is when their hearts open to the possibility of giving through their assets and not just their checkbooks. Any other approach will always feel like fundraising; not a good feeling!

Are you ready to assert the power of asset giving? We are here to provide better service for your donors. Take a look at our pricing guide for more information.