Donor Videos

Avoiding Taxes on IRA Distributions
“What?! Taxes on my IRA?” That’s news to a lot of folks. Find out more about the most overlooked tax in America.

Three Key Questions for Donors
Greg Ring shares 3 key questions that we explore with donors which surface the need and the personal benefits they can experience when giving assets.

Selling a Business, Giving the Building
A man gives the largest gift of his lifetime through the sale of an asset

Charity Videos

Engage Your Board
One of the challenges you might be facing at your charity is how to involve your Board in the gift planning conversation. Watch this video to learn how to engage them as your allies.

Smart Planning
When we think about planned giving, we typically associate that with older donors. But is it really ever too early to begin smart planning?

Case Study – Selling a Warehouse, Making an Impact
The Giving Crowd finds great joy in helping donors discover new income, avoid taxes and make a more amazing gift than they ever imagined.