New Giving Channels

Grow your donations by introducing your donors to creative giving via their assets such as business ownership, real estate, and estates.

Passionate Donors

Donors appreciate learning about new pathways to giving so they can better steward what God has given them.

Confidence in the Future

A giving strategy that reaches far beyond fundraising and legacy giving means you can be confident in the financial future of your organization.


Did you know the average American’s net worth is typically comprised of 9% cash and 91% assets?

Many nonprofits look at traditional fundraising and estate based giving and end up leaving additional giving opportunities on the table. The Giving Crowd educates nonprofits and their donors about giving opportunities they didn’t know existed. Giving via assets is beneficial to both nonprofits and their donors. Legacy giving is just a small piece of the asset pie!


    Our team has worked with all types of nonprofits from faith-based organizations to schools and colleges to churches. On our initial call you will begin to understand the benefits of asset-based giving and get a picture of what it could mean for your organization.


    Together we will identify the key influencers in your donor base and invite them to learn a new way to give. As we cultivate these relationships the passion your Giving Crowd has for your organization will grow and you will see new giving channels open.


    Realizing the vision God has given you for your organization is possible! As a new pool of resources fills you can confidently do more of what you have been called to do while spending less time fundraising.


The Giving Crowd has substantially helped Cottonwood Creek communicate with its donor base that generosity toward the local church can extend beyond the usual systematic giving after a paycheck.  They have allowed us to move our culture to explore giving strategies that benefit both the donor and the church.

Many people would like to increase their giving and avoid unnecessary taxes. The Giving Crowd is a great compliment to attorneys, tax advisors, and wealth managers who may not be attuned to the personal and tax benefits of philanthropy.

We are so grateful for our partnership with The Giving Crowd! We are very excited to have their easy-to-use estate planning tool on our website, allowing donors to learn about asset donation and the benefits of estate planning. They also allow us to invite our donors to educational events and webinars, shining a light on different opportunities to maximize giving.

Our church is recognizing the necessity to be more intentional about our long-term financial health. The Giving Crowd is providing the tools and expertise we need to help our members reach new levels of generosity through current and legacy giving. We see generosity as discipleship and have found the right partner for our congregation in The Giving Crowd.

The Giving Crowd has been a true partner with HELPS INTERNATIONAL. Over the past 4 years they have provided incredible direction and resources that has made us more effective in our service to the people of Guatemala. We are grateful for their expertise and their passion to make us a better organization.

The Giving Crowd will come alongside your church leadership with helpful tools, communication resources, and needed expertise to encourage your church family to be more thoughtful in developing their own personal plans for the faithful stewardship of assets God has entrusted to their care. This is a vitally important stewardship opportunity being overlooked by most churches.

My Legacy Planner has helped our people discover that estate planning is not just for the wealthy. Most importantly, it has also helped them maximize their assets, minimize their taxes and create a legacy by investing in God’s work here on earth.

Our relationship with The Giving Crowd has created great awareness within our congregation to contemplate and deal with end of life issues.  Our membership now knows if we plan well, God will use us to touch generations we will never see.  This is such an enhancement to understanding the power of living a life of purpose.

Working with the team at The Giving Crowd has allowed LCBC to gain clarity and vision for our legacy stewardship efforts as we put more time and resources into asset-based giving!


You spend countless hours thinking of creative ways to cultivate a giving with your donors. You know there must be more resources available but you honestly don’t know where to look or how to ask. Maybe your organization is seeing the negative effects of donor fatigue. Perhaps your most recent capital campaign fell flat. Maybe you wonder if you’ll even make it through the next year.

At the Giving Crowd we know how hard you have to fight to achieve your God given vision. We understand the unique challenges of fundraising and help our clients discover untapped giving channels. Most organizations and donors aren’t aware of the benefits of giving through assets such as real estate sales, business ownership, other investments in addition to estates.

We’ve been directly involved in raising over $24 billion for many nonprofit sectors. We understand the intricacies of donor relationships and our educational approach helps donors make the most of what God has given them while building trust. Our approach focuses as much on current gifts as it does on long-term gifts so you have confidence today and for years to come.

What resource are you leaving on the table? Schedule a call now to find out.


Our smart, user friendly tools make it easy for donors to explore giving through their assets.


Our team of experts guide you in creating and implementing a new type of giving strategy.


Surfacing asset-based gifts requires education. We provide an extensive library of helpful content.

How many more fundraisers are your donors willing to attend?
Does your giving strategy offer any value to your donors?
How much longer will your organization survive without additional giving channels?

At the Giving Crowd we know funding is essential to your mission but donors are plagued with donor fatigue and are losing the passion to give. Together we’ll help your donors see how they can do more with their assets. You’ll not only increase your funding, you’ll reignite a passion for generosity in your pool of donors.

Isn’t it time for your organization to unlock new ways for donors to give?

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