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The Time for Change is Now

No matter how explicit or urgent the warnings may be, we human beings have a tragic history of ignoring what the facts are telling us. Don’t be the leader who runs your organization into the iceberg. You can rescue the ship now.

7 Ways to Cultivate the Soil for Asset-Based Giving

It’s one thing to tell donors how they can give asset-based gifts. It’s quite another to cultivate an authentic relationship over time that motivates asset-based giving. The former results in information—the latter brings about transformation.

Finding Hidden Treasure through Asset-Based Giving

It happens in nonprofits and ministries of every stripe: Too many times, we underestimate the capacity and goodwill of our donors. To find the hidden treasure in and for our donors, we must change our perception of who are donors are and what they want to accomplish.

Leadership Survival Guide: Lower Greed and Increase Generosity

Most nonprofit and ministry leaders cannot engage in these perilous conversations because of the inherent conflicts of interest. But sometimes donors need a safe, objective third-party to talk through delicate issues like biblical stewardship, generosity… and even greed.

The Window Is Closing on Annual Giving

The window is closing on annual giving as the main funding strategy for nonprofit organizations. And where one window closes, you need to find a door, like asset-based giving. It’s a lot easier to walk through.

Tithing Is Down: Where to Go When the Brook Dries Up

Churches all over America are seeing declines in giving, stopping them short of their God-given mission. But asset-based and legacy giving strategies offer hope for churches looking at a future funding crisis.

Asset-based Giving: 7 Essential Elements to Transition to Millennial-based Giving

It won’t be long before Baby Boomers cease to dominate the landscape of philanthropy and Millennials take their place as the most populous generation. With this significant change on the horizon, what are you doing today to build a bridge to the future of giving?

Finding the Perfect Donor

All successful capital campaigns since the very first one recorded in Exodus are dependent on this kind of donor. Identifying them and knowing how they think can make all the difference for your next big initiative.

Analysis of a Successful Capital Campaign

Fundraising has a long and honorable history — and it all started with asset-based giving. In this case study of an ancient capital campaign, I want to show you how to reach your funding goals through gifts of assets.