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The 4 C’s of Successful Fundraising

The days when money rolled in for nonprofits just because they were charitable organizations are long gone. But that doesn’t mean your nonprofit or ministry has to suffer a lack of funding! But you will need these four critical components firmly in place: “The Four C’s of Fundraising Success.”

Transformational Gifts: How Asset Giving Changes Nonprofit Organizations and the Giver

We want you and your mission to be fully resourced — but not just so you have money in the coffers. Here’s how asset giving can radically change your organization as well as the giver.

Why Testimonials are a MUST

Testimonies are a powerful tool to cultivate transformational gifts in your organization. Don’t miss out on the chance to shine a light on the great stories of generosity among your donors.

It’s Both/And: How Cash & Asset-based Gifts Work Together

For today's tight-budgeted nonprofit organization, it is tempting to neglect cultivating larger, more complex Gifts of Assets or planned gifts that take time to come in and just go for the cash gift today. But there's no need to sacrifice anything—you can have both!

The 3 Reasons People Give Transformational Gifts that You Must Understand

Transformational gifts may be large and complex, but the underlying reasons that donors give are not. Understanding the three primary motivators that donors give transformational gifts is critical for you to cultivate more of these gifts to drive your mission forward.

Storytelling in Legacy: Begin with WHY

If we're doing our job right here at The Giving Crowd blog, then you’re beginning to see how asset-based giving are an essential part of fully funding your mission. But how do you as the nonprofit or church leader cultivate these gifts for your organization?

Irrevocable Charitable Remainder Trusts Aren’t so Irrevocable

For years, the holy grail of estate giving has been the Charitable Remainder Trust. But this irrevocable trust may not be so irrevocable after all — and that’s not such a bad thing.

Assets: the Missing Component of Capital Campaigns

There’s a huge piece missing in most capital campaigns today. Gifts of Assets are the key to leading your campaign with historic results for your ministry or organization.

How to Raise Transformational Gifts for Your Church

Raising transformational gifts such as endowment funds or Gifts of Assets among your church’s members isn’t always easy — but it doesn’t have to be hard, either. Here’s how you can organize your team to bolster your church’s finances for generations to come.