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The Dark Underbelly of Wealth, and How to Save Your Kids from It

The desire to bless our children, is God-given, but without careful thought can sometimes backfire. There’s a point where passing down wealth can cause irreparable damage to your children’s lives. When we speak about estate plans, there’s a lot at stake.

The Fallacy of “Just Work Harder”

The tax benefits for Americans who give to your nonprofit or ministry are broad and substantial, despite the recent tax reform. Here’s the part of the story you’re just not hearing about from the major outlets.

Millennials, Online Giving, & Asset-Based Giving: How It All Ties Together

Vanco Payment Solutions recently published their Churchgoer Giving Study: Findings Report. While delivering some sobering news, there are seeds of opportunity for the future.

The Biggest Advantage for Your Donors Under the New Tax Law

Last week, we talked about the rising popularity of donor-advised funds—but should pastors and church leaders be pushing this as a financial tool for their people? Absolutely.