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Beyond the Walls: A Winning Funding Strategy for Your Church

High net worth people have an incredible role to fill in the local church, but why can't they see it? It's time to go beyond the walls so you can attract the major gifts that can transform your local church.

Are You Leaving a Tax Burden for Your Heirs?

You may be leaving a huge tax burden for your children or heirs. Here’s how to disinherit the government while establishing your legacy and helping secure your children’s future.

The Very Real Danger of Inheritances No One Talks About

The idea may shock you, but many lives are destroyed by the impact of sudden wealth through inheritance. As leaders of churches, ministries, and nonprofits, it’s up to us to start the conversation.

The Cost of Doing Nothing: Embracing Technology in Fundraising

Taking the ostrich approach to implementing technology into your nonprofit’s fundraising strategy won’t work for long. There’s a cost for those who choose to stick their heads in the sand.

The 5 Fundamental Needs of Major Donors You Must Fulfill

Cultivating major gifts can be an intimidating prospect. But if you learn to fulfill these five fundamental needs of every major donor consistently, major gifts will not be a problem.

Values & Valuables: How to Pass on Your Values Along with Your Valuables

Financial planning, legal, and accounting firms admittedly focus only on the transition of your assets to the next generation — so how do you pass your values along with your valuables?

Why You Must Have an Estate Plan

Creating an estate plan is something we often put off till another day. The problem is, none of us is guaranteed another day will arrive. That's why you must have an estate plan as soon as possible.

Church Fundraising the Simple, Effective Way

There are thousands of church fundraising ideas out there. But if you make this simple shift from asking for cash gifts again and again to systematically educating your people on living generous lifestyles, you’ll have the resources you need to get the job done without scrambling for more income.

Does Your Financial Plan Reflect Your Values or just Your Valuables?

Financial planning is good — except when it only focuses on your valuables and ignores your values. Your financial planner is probably not going to help you with this. Here’s why.