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The Lifestyle Finish Line: When Is Enough… Enough?

The most important conversations are the hardest ones to have. Nowhere is this truer than in conversations around finances, generosity, and contentment. That’s why an objective third-party stewardship professional is critical to engaging your donors on these topics.

Donor-Advised Funds for Churches

Last week, we talked about the rising popularity of donor-advised funds—but should pastors and church leaders be pushing this as a financial tool for their people? Absolutely.

Donor-Advised Funds: The Best Financial Tool for Consistent Generosity

Too many people live reactionary lives, tossed around by the latest round of circumstances life throws at them, especially when it comes to their giving. But there’s an easy way to get control of your giving—donor-advised funds!

Tax Cuts and Jobs Act: 3 Most Vital Things You Need to Know

Everyone and their accountant’s cousin is talking about the new tax reform. How does it affect you and your donors? Heritage Foundation policy analyst Adam Michel calls it the “most sweeping update to the U.S. tax code in more than 30 years.”

The Time for Change is Now

No matter how explicit or urgent the warnings may be, we human beings have a tragic history of ignoring what the facts are telling us. Don’t be the leader who runs your organization into the iceberg. You can rescue the ship now.

7 Ways to Cultivate the Soil for Asset-Based Giving

It’s one thing to tell donors how they can give asset-based gifts. It’s quite another to cultivate an authentic relationship over time that motivates asset-based giving. The former results in information—the latter brings about transformation.

Finding Hidden Treasure through Asset-Based Giving

It happens in nonprofits and ministries of every stripe: Too many times, we underestimate the capacity and goodwill of our donors. To find the hidden treasure in and for our donors, we must change our perception of who are donors are and what they want to accomplish.

Leadership Survival Guide: Lower Greed and Increase Generosity

Most nonprofit and ministry leaders cannot engage in these perilous conversations because of the inherent conflicts of interest. But sometimes donors need a safe, objective third-party to talk through delicate issues like biblical stewardship, generosity… and even greed.